About us

Ralphi Logical has designs based around questioning many things on our perceptions of words and numbers, beliefs and manipulation by powerful companies such as media and Government. Whilst serious in some regards he also wants to spread a message of love and unity and how as a united community we can fix many problems going wrong in society today.

After suffering a back injury at work leading to depression, then neglected by the services in place to support people, he has made it a mission to warn others of the flaws in society. Likewise he has taken on a challenge to try something new rather than blaming the world and staying in a depressive state of mind. We can all change and help each other in challenging times.

Ralph's logic is people are company and that is the company we should work for. The Corporate companies only want to reduce your pay, automate jobs, cheapen products for profits, have continual growth at the neglect to our environment, animals and people - it is the wrong company to hang out with.... It's time to rewire, rethink and unite as a human race working for one another to fix the mess companies, growth and greed has created.

We need to work for each other for security in each other, rather than working for yourself and your own security because if anything goes wrong with your health, job or similar and you are not financially secure you will be neglected as Ralph witnessed first hand.

Peace and love to all and together we can fix the mistakes of the past and change the course of our future.

Please note: We are a start-up business and currently do not require to pay GST. As such we pass on a saving of $4 per shirt to you. Normal retail price is $39.95 when we reach the GST threshold. Our subscribers also receive further discounts and savings each month.